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Fix up a Christmas gift bag!


Fix up your Christmas gift bag, complete with your preferred Ferbola products. When you make a gift bag worth $10 or $15, we'll throw in the bag for free!


Growing healthy plants and animals

Healthy, well-nourished plants and animals have heightened defenses against plagues and sickness. For this very reason, we use composts, humus, and bio-fertilizers on the farm. Through these organic measures, our plants grow and give their best fruits.

Granja Orgánica Susudel Ferbola


I invite you to share with my family in the southern Ecuadorian Andes where we live on an organic farm in which we cultivate vegetables, fruits, and grains such as traditional corn. Additionally, through various methods of agroproduction, we provide many tasty treats such as dried bananas, figs, and apples, beef jerky, different jams and marmalades, dried and pickled hot peppers, pickled vegetables, cheeses and milk and more.

On the farm I live with my wife, Xime, my son, Yaku, and my parents, Rodrigo and Maria Eugenia. We also share our farm and our daily activities with the community and tourists who come to discover and take part in the daily life in the fields. The farm offers a choice of relaxing, hiking, horseback riding, and 4x4 riding, as well as different environmental wonders such as an array of climatic zones and forests, rivers, waterfalls and lakes, bird watching where you can spot carpenter birds, eagles, and on lucky days, a condor or two.  The farm also boasts of archaeological sites of ruins left over from the Canaris and Incans and traditional colonial buildings. All this is experienced inside the warmth of a family atmosphere.

Come…be part of ourexperience!


Fernando Moscoso


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